OMMA Renewal

The renewal process for your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License is like the original application. Please use this guide to help you complete your renewal application.

What you need:

  • Your Current/Valid State ID, Tribal ID or Passport

  • Physician Recommendation Form (that has been signed within 30 days of application date)

  • Email Address & Password from original application. If you do not have your email address and password, you can call OMMA to update it at 405-552-6622.

  • VA Card or Medicare/Medicaid Card (if applicable)

  • New Photo: In the photo, do not smile, do not wear any hats, glasses, or gear – and do not show your shoulders.

Important things to know:

  • You MUST have the email address and password from your original application to login. If you do not have your username and password, you can call OMMA at 405-522-6662.

  • Do not renew your license until 30 days before the expiration date or less.

  • You must get a new physician recommendation form to apply for a renewal. You can view OMMA registered Physician’s List to find a doctor near you. 

  • View Physicians List 

How to submit for your OMMA License Renewal:

  1. Visit Login with the email address and password from your original application. When you login, select “License Dashboard” from the left sidebar menu.

  2. From the License Dashboard screen, select the icon below “Actions” on the left side of the screen.

  3. Information from your first application will appear. Be sure to go through it and check that all the information is correct and update what needs to be changed. (Be sure you provide a physical street address; PO Box’s are not accepted in the physical address fields. Then you can use another address for where you want your card mailed, PO Box’s are accepted for the mailing address.) After you have verified your physical and mailing address, select “Save & Next”

  4. The next screen is the Physician’s Recommendation Form. Plug in the Physician Name, Address, License Number, and all other information as it is listed on the Recommendation Form. You do NOT have to list your diagnosis info. Your rights are protected under HIPPA allowing you the privacy of not telling anyone but a doctor what your ailments are. When you are complete, click “Save & Next”

  5. Disable Veterans screen (if applicable) You will need your VA Card and ID numbers to complete the info on the screen. When you are finished, click “Save & Next”

  6. Caregiver Page (if applicable) if you want to assign another person to assist you, get them a card here. When you are complete, click “Save & Next”

  7. Signature Page: Here is where you sign and date your application. Once you have signed and dated it, click “Save & Next.”

  8. Uploads Page: You will need the Physician’s Recommendation From, your current and valid state ID (or tribal card or passport) VA Card (if applicable) medical insurance card (where applicable) and recent photo of you. They must be scanned in color, separately. Once you are finished, click “Save & next”

  9. You will need to pay OMMA the license fee. OMMA only takes credit or debit cards. It will cost you $100 and $4.30 processing fee. If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or DAV, your fee is $20 with a $4.30 processing fee.

  10. Be sure you review ALL your information for accuracy before submitting the final application. To submit the final application, click “Submit.” If there are any evident issues they will be flagged in red on the screen. Application mistakes can delay results of processing the application.

  11. If you do make a mistake, OMMA will contact you via email or postal and ask you to correct the information.

  12. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from OMMA after re-application is complete.

Video Instructions Provided by OMMA: